Chair Instructions

Sessions chairs are provided with the abstracts and biographies of the speakers in their session several weeks before the conference. During the conference chairs are expected to meet their speakers well ahead of time. They should also ensure that the Powerpoints have been tested by the technicians.


Both the session chair and the speakers are kindly invited to follow the presentations sitting in the front row of the aula. Only after the last presentation the chair and speakers will take a seat at the panel table on stage to answer questions and comments from the audience.

Time management

Much of the success of the conference depends on the smooth running of the academic schedule. Chairs must insist that timing is strictly observed.

Sessions chairs can briefly introduce themselves at the beginning of their session (by using a portable microphone). The introduction of each speaker should also be very briefly, since the audience can read the full details in the programme book.

The time limit for each presentation is strictly 20 minutes. Session chairs will be assisted by a student who will keep an eye on the clock. The student will hold up signs, both to the speaker and the chair, saying
“5 minutes left”, “2 minutes left” and “Please end!”. It is up to the chair to interrupt the speaker if necessary.

Exception: In sessions 10, 13 and 18 (one hour sessions!) the three speakers can only talk for max. 15 minutes (preferably even less!), to leave enough time for a panel discussion. The chairs of these sessions are expected to make clear arrangements about this with their speakers.


After the last presentation the chair and speakers take a seat at the panel table on stage to answer questions and comments on all (three of four) papers from the audience. The available time for questions is 5 minutes per presentation (15 minutes in a session with 3 presentations; 20 minutes in a session with 4 presentations).