Getting Around

Taking taxis, buses, or walking around Belo Horizonte is safe. In the case of bus or foot travel, tourists are advised to take the precautions common to all large cities, given the occasional reports of pickpocketing (mainly cell phone theft).

Google Maps provides the easiest routes and transport methods to get around the city:

On Google Maps, users may consult the bus lines available to get from point A to point B, the estimated travel time by public transit, on foot, or by car, and an estimated taxi charge.

Taxi travel is completely safe. Drivers and vehicles are all registered and inspected by the municipal government and may be summoned by phone (from co-ops) or via cell phones’ apps, including Uber.

The most common way to get around is by bus. The system, which is quite safe, is divided by colors: yellow (circular buses), blue (between neighborhoods), and red (downtown to suburban neighborhoods). Praça da Liberdade, where the event will be held, is served by several blue and yellow lines.