Instructions for Presenters

Paper presentations

Keep in mind that everybody has your written abstract in the conference programme. There is no need to repeat everything on your slides and in your oral presentation.

The conference language is English. There will be no simultaneous translation. Please, bear in mind that most participants will not be native English speakers. Therefore, pronounce clearly and speak slowly.

The best presentations are supported through well-chosen visual material and clear captions. We urgently ask you to choose visual material that clearly illustrates the argument and that can be shown in high resolution.

The time limit for your presentation is strictly 20 minutes. The session chairs will be given clear instructions not to allow speakers to overrun their time. At the end of a session questions and comments on the papers will be put to the speakers.

Preparing your PowerPoint presentation

There are good tips on the web about PowerPoint presentations. For example:

  • Use images large enough to show the details you are planning to speak about
  • Include names and dates on the screen
  • Add captions to identify the images (with owning institutions, if appropriate)
  • Outline the order of your presentation
  • Outline your concluding points
  • Ask the organizers to find a participant to help you with correct pronunciation of foreign names

Technical requirements

Please hand in your presentation at the conference desk at the beginning of the conference, or one day before your presentation at the latest. Use PowerPoint (ppt/pptx) or pdf file format and a USB memory device. It may be a good idea to have a back-up copy with you or to email the file to the organizers ( before you travel to the conference, just in case.

We strongly recommend that you do not arrange to access the Internet in your presentation because of possible technical difficulties. Please use screen snapshots instead.

If you are using special fonts, please do not forget to save them together with your presentation (save as options embed fonts in the file).

All presenters are strongly urged to read:
Hints on presenting a paper (Catherine Delano-Smith & Susan Reynolds)

Poster presentations

The maximum mounting space available for your poster is 0,90 cm x 1,20 cm (that is height x width; landscape format). Mounting the poster will be easier and the result may look nicer if you prepare your poster on a single sheet.

Please hand in your poster at the conference desk at the beginning of the conference. Posters will be mounted by the organizers.

The organizers will remove on the day after the presentation. More information about this will be posted later.

  • Consider a poster as an opportunity to illustrate your abstract, not to present a full-length paper.
  • Determine what part of your proposal you wish to highlight in your poster. Present one or two arguments or questions instead of printing too much text.
  • Use well-chosen visual material and clear captions.
  • Use a font that is large enough to be read at a distance: 24 to 28 point fonts are recommended.
  • Make sure your poster is not larger than the space available.
  • Make sure your name and institutions appear on the poster and the handout.
  • Print your poster before arriving at the conference.
  • Print handouts of your poster for participants to keep.