Paper Session Instructions

Conference language is English. There will be no simultaneous translation. Please, bear in mind that the major part of the participants will not be native English speakers. Therefore, pronounce clearly and speak appropriately slow.

The presenters are expected to stay for the whole conference and exchange ideas of their work also outside their own sessions.

The best presentations are supported through well-chosen visual material and clear captions. We urgently ask you to choose visual material that clearly illustrates the argument and that can be shown in high quality.

The paper presentations will take place in the Bradesco Theater (B’s presentations) and on Monday and Tuesday (10 th -11 th July) there will be concurrent sessions in Multimeios room (M’s presentations) – one floor below.

All presenters are strongly urged to read: Hints on presenting a paper (Catherine Delano-Smith & Susan Reynolds)

Please hand in your presentation to the conference secretariat at the beginning of the conference, or one day before your presentation at the latest or to email the file to the organizers ( before you travel to the conference. Use PowerPoint (ppt/pptx) or pdf file format and a USB memory device. It may be a good idea to have a back-up copy with you, just in case.

The time limit for your presentation is 20 minutes strictly. The session chairmen will be given clear instructions not to allow speakers to overrun their time. Your presentation will be followed by 5 minutes of discussion.

Two computers with Windows 7 and one PowerPoint 2011 will be available on stage at each room. They can be projected on one screen that you will have wireless control.

Please, notice you cannot install any additional software to these computers.

If you have a very specific reason why you would need to use your own computer in the presentation, please, contact the organizers ( early enough before the conference so that we can check the compatibility of devices beforehand. Ad hoc use of own computers in the presentations will not be accepted.

You won’t be able to have Internet access in your presentation. Please use screen snapshots instead.

If you are using special fonts, please do not forget to save them together with your presentation (save as – options – embedding TrueType).

Keep in mind that all people have your written abstract in their hands, there is no need to repeat everything on your slides and in your oral presentation.