Poster Session Instructions

Conference language is English. There will be no simultaneous translation. Please, bear in mind that the major part of the participants will not be native English speakers. Therefore, pronounce clearly and speak appropriately slow.

All poster presenters would be expected to attend for the whole of the session, and all conference participants should be strongly urged to make a visit.

The best presentations are supported through well-chosen visual material and clear captions. We urgently ask you to choose visual material that clearly illustrates the argument and that can be shown in high quality.

The poster presentations will take place in the Minas Tenis Clube ballroom, just in front of Bradesco Theater.

The mounting space available for your poster is 2 m x 1m (that is width x height; portrait format) or approx. 78,7” x 39,37”. Mounting the poster will be easier and the result may look nicer if you prepare your poster on a single or two sheets.

Posters will be mounted using pins that will be provided on the spot. You should mount your poster during Tuesday afternoon, July 11. There will be an assisting person available in the Minas Tenis Clube ballroom to help and show the stand for your poster.

The poster session will be held on Wednesday morning, July 12 from 9:30 to 12:30. You are expected to be present at your poster during the entire poster session. Please consider adding a small photo to your name in the poster. This will enable the audience to identify you when they want to ask or discuss about your poster.

Please, avoid including large amounts of text in the poster ensure that their central message is not buried under it. You can prepare handouts for interested people instead and bring a number of copies with you.

If you want to use a computer at your poster, please, take care of sufficient battery capacity. You cannot plug-in any devices in the poster area.

After the poster session, we encourage you to keep your material in place (except for valuable items) until the end of the afternoon (17:30hrs/5:30pm) when you should remove all your belongings.