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Great Conference: Neuroscience, Ethics and Law: Does Neuroscience Undermine Responsibility?

The Prof. Sinnott-Armstrong participated in a set of activities during his visit to UFMG. (Check out the schedule in the “news” section of our page.) Professor Sinnott-Armstrong is an authority in the field of applied ethics as well as reference in moral psychology and uses of neuroscience in legal systems. He is co-director of the MacArthur Project for Law and Neuroscience and co-investigator at the Oxford Neuroethics Center. It has extensive publication of relevance in a number of magazines, periodicals and books.

Among the activities promoted, Prof. gave a large conference to the public on June 8 at the Baesse Auditorium in FAFICH / UFMG

About prof. Sinnot-Armstrong, see: