UFMG’s graduate program in Political Science is the oldest in the country, dating back to 1966 with the creation of the master’s degree program. Fully consolidated and considered excellent by CAPES (Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education), the Graduate Program in Political Science (PPGCP) has made important contributions to scientific production, setting itself apart from other like programs because of its insertion in international networks, plurality of research groups, and its relevance to Brazil’s political science debate.

Some of the leading cadres of the country’s political science are part of this five-decade history, and the program has played a leading role in building the very field of knowledge in which it is inserted. Currently, the PPGCP faculty comprises 16 permanent teachers and 5 staff teachers. With a strong presence in research, the faculty members are responsible for 13 different centers of research whose scientific production has shown a steady upward trend in quality.

Between 1966 and 2015, the Program trained 349 Masters in Political Science. The number of Doctors trained between 2006 and 2015 is 58.