Miguel Mahfoud and Marina Massimi
   Dante, Borges and book
   Biagio D'Angelo
   The presence of nineteenth century psychology in titles belonging to the Public Library of the State of Bahia: some examples
   Nádia Maria Dourado Rocha
   Review: Enrichment of words by visual images: some recent developments
   Josef Brožek
   Investigation of the request to the oversea mission on the litterae Indipetae letters - psychological conditions to the action in the writings of young jesuits of the 16th century
   Laura Vilela e Souza and Marina Massimi
   Fraternities of black persons: construction of the identity of the elderly members in Minas Gerais
   Eneida Pereira dos Santos and Miguel Mahfoud
   Negative Theology, Mystics, Phenomenological Hyletics: apropos of Edith Stein
   Angela Ales Bello
   Introductory Course to Psychology's Historiography: Notes for a Brief Course - 3th Part
   Josef Brožek and Marina Massimi (ed.)
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 Portuguęs   ISSN 1676-1669

003 - Oct/2002