Miguel Mahfoud and Marina Massimi
   Bantus masters from Alta Mogiana: Umbanda’ s tradition and memory at Ribeirão Preto
  José Francisco Miguel Henriques Bairrão and Fábio Ricardo Leme
   The relationships between identity, memory and the research of the history of psychology
Marisa Todescan D. da S. Baptista
   The relation between memory and narrative as a methodological possibility in the constitution of the history of psychology in Brazil
  Jozélia Regina Díaz Olmos
   The hyletics in phenomenology:
on some writings of Angela Ales Bello

Nicoletta Ghigi
   Psychology and theatre in European Jesuit thought during the 16th and 17th centuries
  Giovanna Zanlonghi
   Visible poverty: reflections on the jesuits' missionary style in Avvertimenti by Antonio Baldinucci (1705 ca.)
Bernadette Majorana
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004 - Apr/2003