Miguel Mahfoud and Marina Massimi

   Memory, desire and history: the happening of the I and freedom´s alternative, since Saint Augustin
   Aníbal Fornari

   Fall and history: notes about the “original sin” in G.B. Vico
Francesco Botturi
   History and psychology in Henri Berr

   Maria Fernanda Costa Waeny

   Rereading of texts by Thomas Aquinas aiming at the construction of a psychological thought
Mauro Martins Amatuzzi


   Body and soul’s medicine: corporal illness and word practice in Early Society of Jesus writings

   Paulo José Carvalho da Silva


   Representations about the brazilian indians in Jesuit documents of the sixteenth century
   Marina Massimi


   The place Gustav Fechner’s psychophysics in the history of psychology
   Arthur Arruda Leal Ferreira

The affective discriminationism of Radecki

   Rogério Centofanti

   The psychological literature in Konrad Lorenz’s work: a contribution to the history of ethology and psychology

   Agnaldo Garcia

   The symbol in the sacred-religious experience: a phenomenological analysis
Angela Ales Bello

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005 - Oct/2003