Miguel Mahfoud e Marina Massimi

     Bianca Maria D´Ippolito

  The development of phenomenology in the Low Countries
  Patrizia Manganaro

  A librarian in his library: Cassiodorus and the ideal reader in the Middle Age
  Giulia Crippa

  Experience as factor of knowledge in the philosophical-psychology Aristotelic-Thomist of the Society of Jesus (16th and 17th centuries)
 Paulo Roberto de Andrada Pacheco

  A single regimen for body and soul: Luigi Cornaro (1467-1566) and Leonard Lessius (1554-1623) treatises
Paulo José Carvalho da Silva

    Saint Micheal, The Souls of Purgatory and the scales: Iconography and veneration in the Modern Epoch
Adalgisa Arantes Campos

  Representations of the concept of unconscious in the workmanship of Machado de Assis
Sávio Passafaro Peres e Marina Massimi

  Brazilian medicine courses in the 19th century: contributions toward Psychology
Ana Maria Jacó-Vilela, Cristiane Ferreira Esch, Daniela Albrecht Marques Coelho, Marcelo Santos Rezende

  Origin and social relevance of a laboratory of psychology in Brazil in the 1950’s
Elizabeth de Melo Bomfim e Maria Teresa Antunes Albergaria

  Beginnings of professionalization of Psychology in Argentina, the National University of Cordoba and neoscholasticism
María Andrea Piñeda

  New: Memorável Carolina Martuscelli Bori (1924-2004)
Maria do Carmo Guedes

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