Miguel Mahfoud e Marina Massimi

  Adriano Roberto Afonso do Nascimento e Paulo Rogério Meira Menandro

   Memory and identity in afro-descendants: considerations based on a university extra-mural project
  Marcos Vieira Silva; Danielle Laísa Oliveira Paiva e Sheila Ferreira Miranda

  Psychoanalysis and religion: reflecting about afro-Brazilian studies with Ernesto La Porta
Alexandre Mantovani e José Francisco Miguel Henriques Bairrão
   A methodological approach for studying the social historical domain
Marília Novais da Mata Machado
  On the level of complexity of the human soul: translation and comments of a text of Thomas Aquinas
   Mauro Martins Amatuzzi
   Historical and contemporary aspects of self investigation
  Mariane L. de Souza e William B. Gomes
   Édouard Claparède (1873-1940): interest, affectivity and intelligence in the conception of Functional Psychology
  Lílian Erichsen Nassif e Regina Helena de Freitas Campos
  The Sacri Monti and the religous and artistic culture of Counter-Reformation
  Danilo Zardin
  Dissimulation as a virtue among the counter reformation Jesuits
  Edmir Míssio
  The Ignace Meyerson’s bibliography
  Maria Fernanda Costa Waeny

  Edith Stein and Nazism
Michele D´Ambra

  Review: Phenomenology and Human Sciences
Creusa Capalbo

  Review: Edith Stein and Nazism
Patrizia Manganaro

  Review: The experience of truth in word
Miguel Mahfoud


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009 - Oct/2005