Miguel Mahfoud e Marina Massimi

   Cláudio Ivan de Oliveira, Anderson Clayton Pires, Raquel Ghetti Macedo and Ana Tereza Elias Siqueira

  Health and psychological knowledge in Seventeenth-Century France
   Paulo José Carvalho da Silva

  The appearance of psychology and psychoanalysis along the works of Foucaultian genealogy
   Arthur Arruda Leal Ferreira
  Phenomenological-existential psychiatry in Italy
   Patrizia Manganaro
  Subjectivity and its research
   Mauro Martins Amatuzzi
  Storytelling as a rooting experience: analysis of the experiences of life from the Miguilim story telling group
   Karina Braga Miziara and Miguel Mahfoud
  Elements of resiliency at the Asylum Applicants and Political Refugees
   Cláudia Clarindo-Oliveira

  From Titicaca to Rio: cultural images of a tradition
   Maria Antonieta Pereira

  Methodological bases of the anthropology and ethical thought of Paul Ricoeur: the problem of evil
   Manuel Tavares

  The concept of person in Romano Guardini: a challenge to the autonomy and helplessness of contemporary man
   Sílvia Regina Brandão

  Sílvia Tatiana Maurer Lane (1933-2006) and ethics of knowledge
   Regina Helena de Freitas Campos and Maria do Carmo Guedes



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010 - Apr/2006