Miguel Mahfoud e Marina Massimi

   Achilles Gonçalves Coelho Júnior, Miguel Mahfoud

  Phenomenology and humanities: ethical implications
   Angela Ales Bello

  Understanding the human person from the standpoint of the relational sociology
   Pierpaolo Donati
  Subjectivation and Suffering in Work: The Production of "Self" in the Activity
   Gilbert Cardoso Bouyer, Laerte Idal Sznelwar, Maria José Birro Costa
  Intelligence adrift and social illness: ideas about human being and society spread in Minas Gerais by the religious journal Selecta Catholica (1846-1847)
   Raquel Martins de Assis
  Abandoned childhood and adolescence: report of experts in judiciary of Minas Gerais (1968-1984)
   Roselane Martins Cardoso

  The spiritual way of body: karate-do shotokan psychological dynamic
   Cristiano Roque Antunes Barreira, Marina Massimi

  Recollective experience in autobiographical memory inquiries: phenomenal and cognitive aspects
   Gustavo Gauer, William B. Gomes
  Memories about feminism in psychology: for the construction of future memories
   Luísa Saavedra, Conceição Nogueira

  Review: Edmund Husserl: to think God, believing in God
   Mobeen Shahid

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011- Oct/2006