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Concentration area and research lines

  /  Concentration area and research lines

Area of Concentration: Cognition and Behavior

Research lines

1. Measurement and Intervention in Psychology

It promotes the development and adaptation of measures of basic and superior dimensions of human behavior (e.g.: perception, motricity, memory, intelligence, personality) for use in different levels of analysis (e.g.: neuropsychological, genetical, cognitive and social), with different methodological designs (e.g.: survey, correlational and experimental) and with different subjects (people and animals). It also promotes studies on intervention programs that aim at the recovery of the adaptive functioning or the monitoring of the behavioral or neurobiological changes of people, as well as the validation models and / or theories of intervention related to human behavior.

2. Developmental Neuropsychology

It promotes the study of the neuropsychological aspects of healthy development and the main neuropsychological disorders of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Different research approaches including behavioral analysis, inference on cognitive processes through performance and electrophysiological measures (e.g., reaction time and EEG, respectively), and inferences of theoretical nature about the role of certain brain regions in cognition are used. This is done through the investigation on the relationship between specific behavioral measures and certain neurological conditions characteristic of certain periods of the cycle of life.