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Fone: (31)3409-6302 ou (31)3409-5133;  e-mail:ppg.psi.cogcom@gmail.com

SECRETARIA, sala 4000, 4° andar – FAFICH:  Segunda e Quarta: 13:30h às 16:00h / Terça e Quinta 09:00h às  12:00h

CENTRAL DE ATENDIMENTO DA PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO, sala 2027, 2° andar, FAFICH: Fone: (31) 3409-5085 Atendimento de segunda a sexta: 08:00h às 22:00h


  /  Goals
  • To train researchers and professors of high level and researchers with high qualification, for the exercise of teaching and research activities in psychology and related areas.
  • To develop relevant research activities in Measurement and Psychological Intervention and Neuropsychology of Development.
  • To contribute, through the knowledge produced and the training of students, to offer, for the population in general, outstanding services in the areas of psychology, health and humanities.