Miguel Mahfoud e Marina Massimi


The augustianian autobiography in the masterpiece The happy live
Lúcio Gomes Dantas e Francisco Silva Cavalcante Junior

The concept of memory in the work of Machado de Assis
Sávio Passafaro Péres e Marina Massimi


Passions and affects: an analysis about concepts and appropriations in thesis of medicine of the 19th century
Roberto Silva de Souza e Ana Maria Jacó-Vilela


 A precedent of psychology behaviour at the University National of San Luis (Argentine)
Corina Calabresi e Fernando Polanco




Constructivism: the history of a word as a critical production of knowledge and educational approaches
Solange Jobim e Souza


Mind-Body Problem, Intentionality and Empathy Mind Philosophy, Phenomenology and Neuroscience
Patricia Manganaro


Historic-cultural approach to the subjectivity
Olga Sodré


Image production and Baroque culture in a rural and traditional Brazilian community: hyletic and noetic
Cláudia Coscarelli Salum e Miguel Mahfoud


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