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The Center for Studies on Contemporary Thought (NEPC) is linked to UFMG’s (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) School of Philosophy and Human Sciences (FAFICH) and has an interdisciplinary nature, involving researchers of different areas of Philosophy and Human Sciences.

The Center’s main goal is in an inciting and welcoming way provoke discussions of a set of current themes deriving from different segments of contemporary thought, such as new bio-technologies and anthropologicalissues, new experiments with subjectivity, the question of collective identities, multiculturalism dilemmas, the tasks and challenges of ethics, new experiments of thought and rationality, reinvention of the intellectual etc.

In addition to the researchers, the Center also aims at bringing graduate and under-graduate students together in their different activities. This allows for intense and continuous exchange of experiences and prepares future experts on great themes and challenges of current times.

The Center’s activities is composed of research groups, holds permanent seminars and promote several events (round tables, discussions and congresses), extended and short-term courses, publications, etc.

Currently, NEPC is developing research into “Biotechnologies and the Future of Mankind”, a FAPEMIG-sponsored project.