Miguel Mahfoud and Marina Massimi
   Memory and History in the History of Psychology: Two Examples of Document's Production
   Marina Massimi
   History, Memory and Historical Approaches: Posing a Problem
   Maria Fernanda Costa Waeny
   Memory and Subjectivity
   Gilberto Safra
   The Study of the Individual and Collective Identity in the Construction of the History of Psychology
   Marisa Todescan Dias da Silva Baptista
   Morality and Mental Attitude on karate-do Based on the Ideas of Gichin Funakoshi
   Cristiano Roque Antunes Barreira and Marina Massimi
   Undergrounds of the Submission: The Sense of Evil in the Umbandist Imaginary
   José Francisco Miguel Henriques Bairrão
   Collective Memory and Photografic Images: Elaboration of the Experience in a Traditional Rural Community
   Renata Amaral Araújo and Miguel Mahfoud
   Introductory Course to Psychology's Historiography: Notes for a Brief Course - Second Part
   Josef Brožek and Marina Massimi (ed.)
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 Português   ISSN 1676-1669

002 - Apr/2002