Miguel Mahfoud e Marina Massimi

  Adriano Roberto Afonso do Nascimento e Paulo Rogério Meira Menandro

  Social and family changes: reflections in the light of social history and sociology
  João Carlos Petrini

  Medea between past and present
  Angela Ales Bello

 Developments of phenomenology in the United States and Great Britain
  Patrizia Manganaro

  Origins and development of Psychopatology of Work in France durint the twentieth century: a historical approach
  Lílian Erichsen Nassif

  El impacto de la Psicología Neoescolástica Experimental en Argentina, a través de libros de psicología de circulación en el país: 1935–1965
  María Andrea Piñeda

  The importance of education and tradition: lessons from the religious newspaper Selecta Catholica (1846 – 1847) on the development of the faculties of the soul and the human spirit
  Raquel Martins de Assis

  Our Lady of Marvels: the body and soul of an image
 José Eduardo Ferreira dos Santos e Marina Massimi

  Truth and Desire: confessional hermeneutics as historical condition of the psychological sciences
Arthur Arruda Leal Ferreira

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 Português   ISSN 1676-1669

008 - Apr/2005