Miguel Mahfoud e Marina Massimi


  The creation of psychology undergraduate program at argentinian catholic universities
María Andrea Piñeda

  Cesare Lombroso: misoneism and the martyrdoom of madman
Stefano Bertani

  Crisis  and metamorphosis of Christianity in Europe between 16th and 17th century
Danilo Zardin


  Music, sensitive body and social body in brazilian barroco
Miguel Mahfoud, Marina Massimi

  The masculine and feminine identity: distintions and relations to a society in the measures of the human person
Pierpaolo Donati


  Articulations between History and Epistemology of Psychoanalysis: a case study
 Raul Albino Pacheco Filho

  Humanistic Psychology: a history of an epistemological dilemma
Gustavo Arja Castañon 

  Social dimension in the subject’s development on psychology
 Ruth Bernardes de Sant’Ana

  History of psychology as a masters degree discipline: report of an experience
 Inês Rosa Bianca Loureiro,
Marisa Todescan Dias da Silva  Baptista 


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012- Apr/2007